Since I've rediscovered blogthings...


So this fic/art journal has moved

From now on, you can find me as FidgetFidgets on Dreamwidth.

The site has improved a lot since the last time I tested it, and it feels like using a simple version of LJ again. Until now, I have a very positive impression of it, so I expect to stay there for a while.

I'm going to use this LJ to stay in touch with friends who still post here, but I'm not going to update it anymore. 

I'm moving my fic blog

Since LiveJournal has changed its policies, I'm moving my update announcements to Twitter and Tumblr. I've really loved LiveJournal and prefer it to other sites, but it has changed so much for the worse in the past years. And while I'm keeping this journal for friends-only entries as long as my Aicoholics friends are here, I feel that now is the right moment to move my public entries to another place.

I'm considering creating a blog or longer entries on Google blog or Dreamwidth. But until then, you can find my fic entries on Tumblr. I'm going to move the summary pages for "Ghost at Twilight" and "Encounter in Venice" to Tumblr as well.

Edit: I've moved the summary pages to Dreamwidth. 

Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook VS LiveJournal

I've tried using Twitter and Tumblr in the past days since I'm procrastinating holidaying and have plenty of time.  I've tried to like the sites because fandom has moved away from LJ, but it's such a pain that I'm wondering whether I should stay there.

You have no option at all to filter out the contents on Tumblr or Twitter (or someone please tell me how to do it since I haven't figured it out yet), meaning that you either search by tag and find tons of information on DC, for instance, or click on the user profile of someone who tweets or reblogs the pics you like. But there are so many tweets Twitter just forces on you (same with Tumblr suggestions since Yahoo bought Tumblr) that it's annoying to read through all of them. If you follow twenty people, for instance, the stuff you don't want to read about multiplies by twenty. Also, I'm still figuring out how to deactivate all the mail alerts I don't want to get.

To be fair, you have things you don't want to read on your friends page, too, if you follow a LJ community. But in a well-managed community, the memory page has been tagged by the admin and you can filter out what you want to read without having to go through all the stuff you don't want to read by skimming it (or just scroll through it when you're too sleep-deprived to play Plants&Zombies and have nothing to do).

Also, my internet connection tends to die on me whenever I try to reblog something, meaning that I would have to search for the tag or the user once again to reblog the entry and store it for later reference. I have the same problem with Twitter. Maybe it's just my crappy internet connection these days, but I seldom have the problem with LiveJournal and Deviantart.

So, why has fandom move to Tumblr and Twitter when LJ makes entries so much easier to categorize? (And I'm not talking about Facebook here because it's such an ugly site). 

What happened to LiveJournal?

It might be only LJ's crappy mobile site, but I can't find any of my friends on my profile page. Also, my friends feed are totally empty although SN has posted her Japan trip, an entry which I only found because I got the e-mail alert. What's wrong with the LJ page? I can't post friends-locked entries anymore!

Edit: It's not only the mobile site since I'm posting from the laptop. I must also admit I hate the new minimalist layout LJ forces on us.

"Encounter in Venice": "The sun had already gone down..."

Posted and edited. This will probably be my last update for this year. Although I keep writing on paper, I doubt that I'll have time to type the next chapter before January. I'm going to edit and merge the chapters I've written, though, and probably update the summary page for this fix since I've neglected it lately.

These days I scribble the chapters on paper, copy the finished paragraphs into my notebooks, and leave them there to edit them before I type them down. I love the laptop for emails and chats (and I'm ten times faster when I use the keyboard), but fics are so much easier to write when I write them on paper first. Paper is better for my eyes, it helps me to focus, I can carry it anywhere since it's lighter, and it slows me down a bit so that I don't make rash decisions. I'm less paranoid of losing my work. Also, the sound of the keyboard is also rather soporific. I always end up feeling sleepy whenever I type whereas seeing the words on paper gives me a sense of satisfaction.